Our Toasts

offers a complete palette of options ~ as you know, fitting barrel to vineyard takes time...


Core Enology Group
PO Box 1818, McMinnville, OR 97128

Consistency year to year, barrel to barrel speeds the process ~ this is where Tonnellerie de MERCUREY shines

Core Enology Mercurey Barrels

Corey Guinnee / corey@enologygroup.com / 971.237.5071

The expertise starts in the forest ~ carries through the stave mill~ culminates in the cooperage

CL  Chauffe Light: 
     ♦ Freshness, purity, verve, tension;  CL showcases the top-tier Haute Futaie & Prestige wood selections.​

CLL  Chauffe Light & Long:   

     ♦ CLL amplifies wine flavors and aromas;  volume and luminosity;  a touch of complexity with a high-degree of transparency.

CLL+ Chauffe Light & Long Plus:
     ♦ CLL+ toasting coupled with Pierre (Rocky) Terroir oak generates density and complexity while retaining freshness.​

LF  Chauffe Light & Fruit-Forward:  
     ♦ Craie (Chalk) Terroir oak;  faster integration;  appealing fruit characters;  freshness;  finesse.
Maison  (also M+):
     ♦ Our house toast;  M broadens the mid-palate and builds fruit volume;  subtle notes of chocolate and coffee.​

ST  Special Toast:
     ♦ Deep, elegant toast;  shape, forward focus, persistence;  spice and sucrosity;  continued impact over multiple fills.​

GC  Grand Cru:
     ♦ Richness, volume, topography;  savory aromas and palate characters;  freshness on the finish.